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Hello and welcome. My name is Isobel and I am The Listening Aunt.

I am a psychic, intuitive reader and medium and I work very closely with my angels and spirit guides.

I am able to reach out to people’s angels and spirit guides and ask for their help and advice for my clients.  I am also in a position to help people to connect with their own angels and guides and help them to gain support and comfort from doing so.

Often when people have readings with me they are amazed by the information that they receive.  They are shown that their lives can change dramatically if they just trust the messages and guidance that their angels and guides are sending to them.

Sometimes though people need some additional support to move forward with their lives and I can help people to do this by supporting them on their journey both as a confidante and mentor.  The holistic therapies that I do, Reiki and Rahanni, also support people whilst they move forward on their journey through life.

It’s a perfect combination.