About Isobel

004Most of us go through difficult experiences and situations in our lives.  It is what makes us the people that we are.

I am no exception and have had my fair share of ups and downs over the years.

At one time I found it quite hard to accept.  I couldn’t understand why it always seemed to be me going through it all, when other people just seemed to sail through life.

Nowadays I know why the things that happened had to happen, it was to make me the woman that I am today.  By going through those things and meeting the people who I met I  learnt to love myself, to have self respect and I became a stronger and more confident person.

Nevertheless knowing this doesn’t help you when you are going through it all.

More recently I discovered that I have some very special gifts, which I feel very blessed to have.

I am a psychic and spiritual medium and I work very closely with my spirit guides and also my angels.  

To say that my life has changed since discovering this would be an understatement.   My life is amazing and I absolutely love what I am doing now.

At first I wasn’t sure how this would fit in with my desire to help people, but I know now that it fits in beautifully.