Angel Workshops

  • If you are intrigued about all of this Angel talk, but don’t know where to go to find out more about it.
  • Or you know about it but don’t know how to connect with your angels.
  • You may just want to be in a safe environment where you can talk about your beliefs and some of your experiences (there is always a lot of that going on).

Then an Angel Workshop may be just the thing for you to do.

I explain everything in a really simple way, we do some beautiful and gentle meditations and you are able to ask any questions that you want to in a safe, supporting and nurturing environment.

The group will be a small one.  Some people will have worked with their angels before, but for most this is just a great way to dip your toe in and try it.

I help you to connect with your Guardian Angel and how to communicate with him and I answer some of the questions that you may have about it all.  I also help you to connect with the Archangels and we discuss briefly Spirit Guides and working with your Higher Self.  (Please note that I do run other workshops on these subjects too).

It is all done in a caring, gentle and supportive way.

There is also ongoing support after the workshop too and you will be invited to join the other people who have been on the workshops in a special online group.

Next Workshop -tbc

Here are some things that people say about the workshops:

“Anyone thinking about going to this but worried it will be a bit scary? Well I was a bit scared of what would happen when I went to Isobel’s last workshop but it was wonderful – very welcoming and relaxing and if you are ‘spiritually curious’ I would highly recommend it as a good introduction”.

“Had the most wonderful experience on Friday thank you Isobel. Fabulous to meet everyone too. I dont think life will ever be the same now. Im definately listening a lot more”. Namaste

“Last night was the first night in ages that i went to sleep without the sound in my ears as if I’d been to a rave! ! As with the reading i had I’m still bowled over by it all.  Isobel as always thank you so much, you have a beautiful gift, thanks for sharing and making us aware of what we can do xxxx” –

Please email me at if you are interested in coming along to a workshop or complete the contact form on this page and I will be in touch with you. x