Are You Ready To Let The Magic In?

Do you believe that your life is mapped out for you and that you don’t have a choice in the matter?

  • Are you tired of the day to day drudgery, of going to work, working hard, looking after the family and not having enough time, energy or money to do what you really want to do?
  • Are you tired of struggling to make ends meet?
  • Does  it feel that you never seem to have enough to pay the bills, the mortgage the rent and have any spare for a few nights out, new toys for the kids, holidays away?
  • Do you look at houses and cars and exotic holidays and wish that you could have them but deep down you know that you cannot afford them and you stop dreaming straight away.  They are for someone else not for you!
  • Did you have dreams of how your life would be, but you now see them drifting away.  Life and reality has now taken over.

Well what if I was to tell you that you take charge of your life and can start to make some really positive changes to it – and that it won’t take a lot to do it either, what would you say?

What I am going to say next may make me sound as though I am completely bonkers and off my trolley!  But I am going to say it anyway because that is just how passionate I am about getting this message out there.

About 12 months ago I learnt all about Spirit Guides and Angels and how they can help you to live an easier life!

I know that some of you will be rolling your eyes now and reaching for the mouse to click away from the post.  But don’t go just yet, just hear me out.

With the help of your “guides”, and we all have them, you can make your life a whole lot simpler.  You can manifest the life that you dream about.   You can get help with some of the every day things that seem to challenge you.  For example:

  • Getting a parking space where you want one
  • Getting to a meeting on time when it looks as though time is against you
  • Getting problems fixed at home or at work
  • Having money to pay the bills

The list goes on…..

I would love to be able to teach you just how simple this is to do.  It isn’t scary, or dark or sinister, you don’t have to be religious in anyway (I’m not at all), instead it is very comforting, fun and can be quite frankly unbelievable.  But most of all it is amazing!

Because I want to share with you what I have learnt I will be running a 4 week online programme, starting on the 12 February 2014,  (just one call per week) talking about angels and guides and how you can work with them to make your life easier, to get clarity in your life, to feel so supported and to be able to get the life that you really want.

No more putting up with second best or struggling to make ends meet.  Instead living the life that you have always dreamt of and being the person that you really want to be, and not the one that you think you ought to be.

If you would like to find out more about the course then please follow the link here:

By putting into practice the things that I can teach, you almost straight away you will start to notice positive differences and your life will start to change because you will have a different outlook on it.

If you have any questions at all about the programme or would like to book a reading with me then please contact me either by sending me a private message or by emailing me at

Let the magic begin!

Love from Izzy x



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