Is the roar in your head so deafening that you cannot hear yourself think?


Crantock July 2013

Early one morning last week I went to the beach.  It was deserted and very beautiful.  The tide was out and my dog and I were able to walk in and out of the coves, and clamber over the rocks and Henry enjoyed splashing in the rock pools and chasing the seagulls along the shoreline.

Although the tide was out the sea was making the most incredible roaring sound as it crashed onto the beach and over the rocks.

It was so loud that it was hard to hear anything else and indeed to concentrate on anything other than the noise it was making.

As I headed back up the beach to the mouth of the river, which flows into the seaGoose rock and flowers Cornwall July 2013, I noticed how much quieter it was there and how I could pick out the sounds of the various birds singing away and the bees and flies buzzing past.

I realised that here in the quiet I was able to hear everything whereas before further down the beach all I could hear was the roar of the sea, it was totally overwhelming and blocked out every other sound.

It reminded me about the times when my head was so full of problems and worries that I wasn’t able to concentrate on anything else.  And the more I worried about my problems the more intense the roar in my head became.

I found it difficult to hear beyond what was happening in my head and I longed to hear the gentle sounds of a carefree life.  In actual fact I had forgotten what a carefree life “sounded” like I had been that engulfed in my problems for so long.

Your problems can take over your life, they can take over every waking moment and even keep you from sleeping properly at night.  This in turn can have a detrimental effect on your health and your relationships.

And if you keep your problems in then they just get bigger and bigger and louder and louder!

One way that you can get the “roar” to quieten down is to share your problems with someone.

  • Someone who you can trust
  • Someone who won’t judge you
  • Someone who will allow you the time, space and security to talk about them
  • Someone who will LISTEN to you!

When you share your problems you will start to feel better and the noise in your head will begin to quieten down.

By being allowed the time and space to get your problems off your chest and into the open you  will then be able to start to see things so much clearer and you will begin to see a way forward and identify the options that are open to you.

As I said before, there were times when I used to let my problems engulf me.  And it wasn’t until the problems were solved that I actually realised how ill and under the weather I had been feeling before.  And how much of my time and energy my problems were taking up.  They were preventing me from living life to the full and from being happy.

Sometimes you don’t recognise how ill you feel until the problem has gone away you then feel as though you can breathe again or as they often say, you feel as though “a weight has been lifted off your shoulders”.

Nowadays I don’t let any problems grow that big.  I talk about them and share them with my confidante.  And by doing that I clear my head of the clutter and the noise, which in turn helps me to find solutions to the problems before they grow too big.

If you feel that you just want to talk and you need someone to listen to you, please contact me and we can arrange a time to have a chat.

Isobel in Stanley Park

I will provide you with:

  • A safe space to talk
  • I won’t judge you
  • I won’t be shocked
  • I won’t offer you advice (unless of course you ask for it)
  • Everything that you tell me will be treated with the utmost confidentiality

Please email me at

Or call me on +44 (0) 7900 345 679.



Don’t keep your problems bottled up – talk about them

and help to get the “roar” out of your head

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