Our loved ones who have passed over continue to look after us and endeavour to help us, especially when we are struggling or going through troubled times. 

They come in close and you can often feel their presence, or there may be unexplained things going on in the house, such as items going missing, lights flashing on and off and music channels being changed to name just a few.  

You see they try to show us that they are there for us.  They try to show us that they are looking over us and try to show us the solution to our problems. 

Often we dismiss the feelings that we have as “poppy cock” or an over active imagination because it is too weird to even contemplate that our loved ones can talk to us from beyond the grave.  

But they can and they do. And they like nothing better than to be heard and to be able to help you.

They do not want to see you suffer, they do not want to see you struggle with day to day life.  They try to reassure you that everything will be all right and that they can help you. 

You can easily talk to your loved ones yourself and just trust the answers that come into you. They are delighted when you do and guess what you really aren’t “losing the plot” when you do this.   

Or if you prefer then you can go along and see a medium who will connect with your loved ones and will relay their messages to you. 

I am a clairsentient, clairvoyant and clairaudient medium and can help your loved ones to get their messages to you.

Please contact me if you feel that I can help you.