Meet Your Guardian Angel


Presentation of the guardian


We all have our very own Guardian Angel, who is here to support us during our time on earth. 

Our guardian angels are here to help you with all manner of things in life. From small things like finding a car parking space, to more complex and life changing events, such as guiding us through a divorce, an illness, redundancy, grief, manifesting something that we desire, plus much, much more.

You can ask them for help with anything, and they will be there for you. 

You then trust and believe that they have heard you and that they are working away in the background helping you to get sorted; which they will be.

When you first start to work with your Guardian Angel it can feel very strange having to believe in something that you cannot necessarily see or hear.  


  • To help you to get used to connecting with your Guardian Angel I have written an E-Book which tells you all about your Guardian Angel and how to ask for their help. I also describe some of the signs that you may be shown.
  • To help you to connect with your Guardian Angel I have recorded a short meditation for you to listen to.
  • I have also included a Grounding and Protection Meditation which will help you to protect your lovely energy and aura.

You can listen to these meditations as many times as you like, in the comfort of your own home.  


Total Cost £10.00